Essential things to choose in a leading manufacturer of rubber products

Rubber is the most versatile product which has been used extensively for one thing or the other both in the commercial  and industrial sectors. In today’s modern age the uses of rubber in engineering and manufacturing is immense with rubber products taking different shapes and forms to suit your product needs. Therefore, choosing the right rubber manufacturer is important for the quality of your finished products. While there are several rubber manufacturers in the market, picking the one you feel is the best is a tricky decision that needs to be given careful thought.

Founded in the year 1992, KR Industries is a leading manufacturer of custom made rubber products and specialises in all types of molded rubber parts, adhesive coated Rubber parts and Rubber Bonded with Child Parts (Metal). The custom made molded rubber products are widely used in Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Sports Utility, Oil & Gas, Engineering and other Industrial Applications.

We at KR Industries aim to manufacture premier rubber components with perfect craft. We ensure our custom molded rubber parts meets performance, quality and cost goals. Quality comes first at KR Industries. Our top priority is to create industrial rubber supplies where reliability blends in well with technology with utmost importance to customer satisfaction. While on your quest to finding the best rubber manufacturer for your business it is important you pick a manufacturer with high ethical standards. Our team of professionals at KR industries ensure the products are delivered on time. On-time delivery is imperative for any business who has placed an order as delays can lead to losing profits and customers in the long run.

Our rubber products are extensively used in the following industries. 

  1. The oil and gas industry has a unique rubber parts requirement for their machinery and equipment. We take great care to meet the exact specifications and performance needs. The rubber parts used in the industry are highly appreciated and known best for their tensile strength and their resistance to high temperatures and chemicals. 
  2. Our valued clients from the automobile industry have a growing demand for precision rubber parts. We have built a strong reputation with them for supplying high quality industrial rubber products at competitive pricing. 
  3. The rubber parts that we supply to the sports utilities all over, are durable and resilient.
  4. A number of mini rubber components are used in the electrical and electronics in daily life. With regular use, there could be frequent wear and tear of these rubber components. As such, at KR Industries, we ensure they are durable and long lasting. 
  5. At KR Industries, we strive to serve our clients with utmost perfection and ensure we cater to international standards. We specialise in designing products that can be customised to suit your needs. The following are some of our key parameters in which all our goods are checked. 
  • Product Testing
  • Accuracy
  • Finish
  • Performance

We take pride in our cutting edge technology for manufacturing rubber products, innovative designs, superior quality and on time deliveries to provide the best for our customers. 

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