Usage of Silicone Rubber Products in Automotive Industry

One of the most important raw materials that are popular worldwide is Rubber. It will be right to say that without rubber, the modern world will not be able to function the way it does now. In the early 19th century, with the invention of automobiles, the rubber boom began. Durability, tensile strength, and elasticity make it a versatile material for a wide variety of applications across diverse industries.  To name a few, rubber is widely used in appliances, equipment, and commercial as well as household purposes. Of all the rubber types, silicone rubber is highly valued for its exceptional properties. Having said this, silicone rubber is extensively used by automotive manufacturers who rely on durability and quality, in most of their high-performance applications. In the automobile industry, silicone is used in both automotive parts and in car care products.

What makes silicone rubber a perfect choice for automotive sector?

 ‘High performance components demand high performance materials’ this is especially true with Silicone rubber as it stands out from other types of rubber in terms of resistance to extreme temperatures, even fire.  As such, it can extend the service life of automotive assemblies. The odorless and tasteless silicone rubber has a low toxicity in comparison to its counterparts. Silicone rubber also exhibits a high level of weather and chemical resistance with the strength and durability which is much needed in automotive applications. Besides, silicone rubber is a perfect material for sealing, damping and protecting the automotive environment. This goes to say that there is no end to the number of silicone rubber characteristics and qualities in the automotive industry.

•Silicone rubber is ideal for manufacturing automobile components and car parts such as rubber hoses, grommets, decouplers, seals, mounts, bushes, gaskets and dust covers.

• It is used to provide durable weatherproof seals for lighting assemblies, chassis and braking systems.

• Vehicle interiors and exteriors use silicone rubber

• It is used for sealing and insulating interior applications.

• It is used in spark plugs, ignition cables, airbags, headlamps, radiator seals and hoses, shock absorbers and ventilation flaps.

•Provides cushioning to car seats and shock absorption qualities to the interiors.

 In other words, automobile manufacturers rely heavily on silicone rubber as it increases the life of the parts. At KR Industries, we strive to understand the various automotive systems and components you need and we customize them to serve as an exact match to your requirements. We also supply ready-to-use silicone products for your specific needs. With the use of high-grade raw materials, we manufacture in accordance with the highest quality standards.

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