Industrial Rubber Products Manufacturing Trends in 2020

The Indian rubber industry has witnessed exponential growth across all industry segments in the last decade. Rubber is one of the fastest-growing industries, with India being the third-largest producer of rubber in the world. Undoubtedly, rubber plays a significant role in the global economy. With more than 40,000 products created, rubber in both natural and synthetic form is extensively used in a wide range of applications. From rubber to metal bonded components, tyres, tubes, heavy machinery and equipment, small rubber products like grommets, caps, hose, seals, gaskets, and several such products, it has been forecasted that the Indian industrial rubber market will see an ever-increasing demand for rubber in the years to come. Rubber has high tensile strength and the capability to be stretched without snapping. With remarkable flexibility, durability, insulating capacity, and resistance to corrosive material, rubber is perfect for use in a variety of applications, especially in the automobile production and in large and medium industries. Rubber in both natural and synthetic form is used in construction, manufacturing, electrical & electronics, and other sectors.  

Natural and synthetic rubber

Natural rubber as the name suggests is of natural origin while synthetic rubber is artificial or man-made rubber. Both natural and synthetic rubber are used in the production of an array of products today. When natural rubber is processed and vulcanised we produce synthetic rubber. They have properties similar to that of natural rubber and are used in a varied range of applications. As synthetic rubber is known to offer better abrasion resistance it is best suited for use in extreme temperatures. To name a few, synthetic rubber is used in the oil and gas industry and the production of gaskets, seals, etc 

Rubber consumption in India Here is a list of industries that consume most of the rubber products. 

  • Automotive tyre sector: 50% consumption of all types of rubbers 
  • Bicycle tyres and tubes: 15% 
  •  Footwear: 12%
  •  Belts and hoses: 6%
  •  Latex products: 7%
  • Other products: 10%

Millions in India are employed in the rubber industry. Having said this, there is an excellent future for the rubber industry in India. The MSME manufacturing units are mostly into rubber in our country. The rubber exports are also controlled by MSME. 

The demand for industrial rubber globally has increased over the last five years and will continue to skyrocket with every passing year. KR Industries serves a wide range of sectors which include automobile, construction, oil and gas, medical and healthcare and various other applications. We keep your exact specifications in mind while designing the products for your use. India’s population and the large manufacturing base particularly in the automobile industry and the availability of competitive labour, have propelled the country to become a leader in rubber products manufacturing. 

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