Oil & Gas Application

The most important industry for the whole world runs on vital rubber parts utilization and K R Industries are the leading manufacturer of "Custom Made" rubber parts for this industry. As these parts require more resistance to chemicals and temperature we have done thorough research on all materials before starting the production. Our research team has the ability to come up with custom solution to all varied requirements of this industry.

Rubber has unique properties and features that makes it perfect for the oil and gas industry such as, temperature tolerance and environmental resistance. Its outstanding thermal insulation properties makes it a material of choice for the oil and gas applications.

Our Rubber parts are used in multiple processes like

K.R. Drilling Process
K.R. Down Hole Application
K.R. Surface Rigs
K.R. Drilling Equipment
K.R. Oil Pipelines & Pumps
K.R. Bottled Gas NR Valve

We have an array of custom rubber parts that are manufactured and supplied to the Oil & Gas industry worldwide such as O Rings, Redress Kits, V Packings, Hammer Union seals, Packer Elements, Wiper Plugs, Liner Wiper Plugs and Gaskets.

Wiper Plugs

Rubber Gaskets

Hammer Union Seals

Packer Elements

Wiper-Plugs Rubber-Gaskets Hammer-Union Packer Elements
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