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Oil and Gas Application Sports Utility Automobile Application Electronic & Electrical Application


Automobile Application

Automobile industry has revolutionized the whole world and ever since there is a growing demand for quality rubber parts used in their assembly. As a market leader in Moulded rubber part manufacture K R Industries have always supplied vital rubber parts to leading automobile clients. As quality is always prioritized in K R Industries we have been associated with major automobile clients for a long time

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Air Intake Assembly

Fuel Systems

Radiator Assembly

Drive Line Systems

Wind Shield Assembly

Steering Assembly

Pedal Box Assembly

Suspension Assembly

Exhaust System

  • Grommets1
  • Bellow
  • Oil-Seals-For-Sttering-Assembly
    Oil Seals
  • Steering_Rack_Dust_Cover
    Dust Cover
  • steeringcolumnbush
  • Washerscaps

Seating Systems

A/C Blower Assembly

Front Deck Assembly


Metal Bonded

Foot Rest


Power Window Assembly

Rubber Metal Bonded
Foot Rest
  • Bushes4
  • Grommets3
  • Pads1
  • Plugs

Wiring Harness

Lamp Assembly


Electronic & Electrical Application

Appliances that we use on a day to day basis requires consistent rubber parts supply and K R Industries have managed to cater to a wide variety of clientele. Due to technological improvements on a day to day basis the rubber parts requirements in this industry has a different demand each time and we are well equipped to cater to the needs of our clients. As these rubber parts are subjected to continuous use and have the possibility to wear out on a short basis we use long lasting rubber parts to make each one of these products to work longer.

Our Rubber parts used in:

K.R. Kitchen Appliances
K.R. Vacuum Cleaner
K.R. Water Heaters
K.R. Air Conditioner
K.R. Refrigerator
K.R. Washing Machine
K.R. Mobile Communication Devices

‘O’ Rings



Food Grade Parts

O Rings Electrical Bushes Mountings Food Rubber Parts

Silicone Rubber



Silicone Rubber Washers Seals


Oil & Gas Application

The most important industry for the whole world runs on vital rubber parts utilization and K R Industries are the leading manufacturer of "Custom Made" rubber parts for this industry. As these parts require more resistance to chemicals and temperature we have done thorough research on all materials before starting the production. Our research team has the ability to come up with custom solution to all varied requirements of this industry.

Our Rubber parts used in:

K.R. Drilling Process
K.R. Down Hole Application
K.R. Surface Rigs
K.R. Drilling Equipment
K.R. Oil Pipelines & Pumps.

‘O’ Rings

Redress Kits

‘V’ Packings

Hammer Union Seals

O Rings For Oil Redress-Kits V-Packings Hammer-Union

Packer Elements

Wiper Plugs

Liner Wiper Plugs


Packer Elements Wiper-Plugs Liner Wiper Rubber-Gaskets

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Sports Utility

Sports industry has always a requirement for unique rubber parts and products. K R Industries cater to some specific needs from sports clients both national and international. Our esteemed clients have given us some rare opportunities to develop state of the art training kits which are very unique in make. There is zero margin for errors in these kits and K R Industries is very well equipped to cope up with these expectations of clients.

Our Rubber parts used in:

K.R. Golf
K.R. Bicycles
K.R. Billiards


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