Silicon and Rubber Applications

One of the most versatile materials used in a diverse array of industries and for a variety of applications is Rubber. Silicone is one of the elastomers of rubber which in contrast to other Synthetic and Natural rubbers, is more resistant to high temperatures, fungus, and suitable for food applications. Silicone rubber, as the name suggests is derived from Silica ie; sand and is polymerised at high temperatures to form silicone rubber. Silicone rubber has a long history of use in various industries.


The origin of silicone dates back to the primitive era when tools made of stone for survival and protection. In the 19th century, scientists discovered ways to turn ‘sand into silica’ or silicone. The mid 20th century witnessed a dramatic transformation in the use of silicone rubber for commercial purposes. In 1930, J.F. Hyde first researched how to produce commercial silicones. In the late 20th century, industrial uses of silicone rubber, elastomers, and resins were on the rise.

Features of silicone rubber

The clean and low odour silicone rubber is arguably an outstanding choice for all applications. Listed below are a few striking features of silicone rubber that make it a popular choice across industries

Heat resistant

Silicone rubber can withstand extremely high temperatures, over 200-degree Celsius and provides good resistance to a temperature below freezing point. This makes it a ready- to- use material in extreme environments.


Silicone rubber is extremely resistant to UV rays and weather aging. Its physical properties do not change even when exposed to adverse weather conditions for a long period. Besides, it is moisture and steam resistant too.

Electric insulation

Silicone Rubber is used in Composite Polymer insulators used in High Voltage Power transmission lines. The excellent insulation property of Silicone rubber is best suited for this application.


Silicone has a unique capability of flame resistance and low smoke toxicity. Thus, the material meets the flame-retarded requirements in many applications.

Resistant to oils and solvents

if you are looking for oil and solvent resistant rubber, silicone rubber is the ideal choice which makes it a commonly used substance in the oil and gas industry.

At KR Industries, we specialize in creating custom designs and shapes with silicone rubber. We cater to a whole range of silicone rubber parts for a wide range of applications. As rubber compounds with both organic and inorganic properties as well as silica, our moulded silicone rubber are used in electronics, electrical, medical, automobiles, food, household appliances leisure products and a host of unseen applications.

  • Silicone rubber is widely used in the electronics and electrical industry. The demand for silicone rubber has rapidly increased in the last decade owing to its unique properties of high thermal conductivity and exceptional weather ability including resistance to water. Grommets, key-pad cushions, bellows, silicone cables and the like are extensively used in most of our small and large appliances. Likewise, in the electrical industry, silicone rubber is used to coat and protect electrical wires. Our composite silicone polymer insulators are designed and manufactured for use in harsh environmental conditions.
  • The rubber used in equipment and appliances in the medical industry must have the ability to withstand heat and radiation. Silicone rubber is a high-quality elastomer that exhibits superior compatibility with human tissue and body fluids. It is corrosion free and does not support the growth of bacteria. Besides, being temperature and chemical resistant, it makes a great material for surgical and medical appliances. Silicone rubber caps, tubes, gloves catheter, etc are extensively used in the medical industry.
  • Silicone rubber is extensively used in the manufacturing of bakeware and cookware which is exposed to extremely high pressure and temperatures. It provides excellent sealing properties too in the food packaging industry. The robust, temperature resistant silicone rubber is used extensively in the food and beverage industry. To name a few, we have gaskets, tubes and silicone hoses. it is also used in the food processing machinery, tubes for vending machines that serve hot drinks and dairy tubes.
  • Custom made silicone rubber parts are extensively used in the manufacturing of sports goods. From lightweight and durable sportswear and training equipment to training mats and handle grips, silicone rubber is used in absolutely anything sporty that you can ever imagine. As silicone rubber is highly durable and has great resistance, it is an ideal material for the sports industry.
  • The versatility of silicone rubber in the automotive industry is much talked about. As silicone rubber can withstand extreme temperatures, it offers great resistance with compression set that is way above all other types of rubber. Spark plug covers, insulators, dust caps, tyres, wiper blade and elastomeric parts that are fixed in cars are a few common materials that we see in our day-to-day life.

KR Industries specializes in the manufacture of silicone rubber parts using high-grade silicone rubber material. The structure, hardness, size and colour of these parts can be customized to suit client specifications. With expertise, innovation, and precision, we manufacture quality silicone rubber components. It does not matter how large or small, we constantly strive to offer the best in terms of affordability and customer service by keeping your exact specifications in mind. Our products are manufactured to last a lifetime and we take pride in our expertise to bring this to reality.

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